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Paradigm Performance Center is a facility designed to provide outstanding care, rehabilitation for athletes and to help them achieve higher levels of performance.  The coaches strive to promote a culture that nurtures passion, focus and positivity for athletes of all ages.   Our goals: rehabilitate, reduce injuries, improve performance, motivate through education and produce results.  Dr. Stu’s performance training for the individual athlete, Clubs and Teams have proven successful.  Dr Stu has studied and partnered with other elite organization and coaches to provide the best in pain relief, medical therapy, rehabilitation, performance development, nutrition and personal growth for the athlete.  
​Paradigm Performance Center was created by Dr. Stuart Hui, to provide an elite and positive environment where athletes can elevate their skills to a higher level.  Dr. Stu has a passion for helping athletes recover from injuries and health concerns, returning them to performance status and facilitating their training to maximize their athletic potential.  He is National Board Certified in fields of Athletic Training and Chiropractic, experienced in the fields of sports medicine, general practice, family practice and pain management.  Paradigm Performance Center is a culmination of Dr. Stu’s passion for sports medicine and athletics.
Here at Paradigm Performance, we have a 4-Pillar system that involves the athletes Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. 

​MINDSET: Mindset is about creating an optimal atmosphere and attitude allowing the athlete to strive towards a goal with the complete understanding for the dedication that it requires.

NUTRITION: Nutrition provides the athlete with the foundational support to fuel the mind and body, maximize performance and to support repair and recovery.
MOVEMENT: Precision and accuracy is essential for improving performance and creating efficiency of movement. This leads to enhanced power, speed and endurance. 

RECOVERY: Rest and recovery is an important and often overlooked aspect of training. It allows for the mind and body to re-energize and prepare for the following day’s activity. 

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